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URSA - Pain Management

I worked for a day and a half with a team at the 2019 Hack The Gap. I presented the idea of creating a Chronic Pain management App. 2 Developers and 2 testers joined me to create this product. We won second place after presenting our application.



Strategy, Visual UX/UI, Prototyping, Information Architecture, Presentation Writing, Research



  • Secondary Research

  • Competitor Research



  • High Fidelity Prototype

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Sketches

  • User Journey Map

  • User Flow


  • Whimsical

  • Adobe Illustrator

Image from iOS (14).jpg

The Team: Tianna Avery, Tracey Treat, BrieAnna Lindquist, Lara Adair & Jack Lorraine-Polum, 

URSA: Pain Management is an early-stage chronic pain management application. It's currently being developed in web form.

Ursa's goals are to:

  • Track Pain levels

  • Track Pain Areas

  • Be comforting to users

  • Allow users to enter notes on what has helped or hurt

  • Create graphical Data based on user pain

  • Export graphical data 

  • Host Care documents (Stretches, Health plans)

  • Provide resource Library 

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This flow goes over what the app looks like once you're logged in.

The dashboard greets you with 4 major options. You can log your day, view your history (graphical data), View the resource library, or view your care documents.

Login user flow
Key appp user flow


The Login flow is similar to many applications allowing users to log in or create an account. Upon creating an account a user will make a username and password.


They will also answer a questionnaire saying where their pain normally lives and what sort of things trigger or help the pain.


Research directly impacted the prototypes I created. They were meant to be comforting to people dealing with chronic pain and help them manage their pain data and pain resources without the sterile aspect many health websites offer. 

A sampling of low fidelity wireframes.

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