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Salon Collective POS


Petite Salon in Saint Paul, MN decided to create a POS called Salon Collective.


Visual UX, Prototyping, Wireframing, Research, Interviewing



  • Contextual Inquiry

  • Cognitive Walkthrough

  • Affinity Diagramming



  • Low Fidelity Prototypes

  • High Fidelity Prototypes

  • Invision Walkthrough


  • Invision

  • Sketch

  • Pen & Paper

  • Plenty of sticky notes


Moderating an interview with a stylist at Petite Salon.

Petite Salon is a chair rental salon that was challenged by the multitude of apps (square, clover,  they had to use to get through transactions with customers. A client had to swipe their card for each service provided by a different provider or when buying a product from the salon. This could lead to upwards of 5 card swipes on a spa day. Petite Salon wanted a streamlined check-out experience that took place on one device, with one card swipe, handled by one person. Petite Salon wanted a high fidelity interactive prototype.


We conducted contextual inquiries and affinity diagram together but independently did our cognitive walkthrough on an existing low fidelity prototype. We also independently created our prototypes and presented them to a group.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 9.38.22 AM.png


We spent 2 hours observing and interviewing the salon owner, receptionist and a stylist at Petite Salon. It quickly became clear that the salon employees were multi-tasking masters. The receptionist had to work through lengthy check-outs, answer phones, greet customers, do laundry, and work on ordering products. The 4+ card swipes and lack of error reduction on the current apps could sometimes cause the wrong person to get paid. Stylists were cutting each other checks after hours to repay each other because the return process was so inconvenient for customers. Sharon the Receptionist mentioned the embarrassment she felt by how slow the check-out process was.

"It's just not professional. It's not" -Sharon, Receptionist.


It wasn't only Sharon and the customers being affected by wasted time. It was also the stylists. Many stylists completed their own check-outs using the Square app to save time and make sure they were getting paid properly but often times it made them late to their next appointment or cause confusion in the eyes of the customer. It was clear some of these pain points could be addressed in the new POS system. It could help Petite Salon and other chair rental salons in the future.


There were a few key features added to help with the overall flow at Petite Salon. These features included:

  • A clutter-free interface with tabs that could toggle in or out of the screen. Key information was at the ready but didn't always have to be right in your face.

  • A transaction page that allows multiple stylists, services, and products to one charge.

  • A pop-up confirmation for error reduction when continuing to the payment page.

  • Client information that will be populated in the terminal to keep special notes and contact information at the ready.

  • A responsive credit card checkout page that dings and tells the user when to remove their card. 

  • Text, e-mail and paper reciept options.

  • A customizable theme option where you can pick what color you want your layout to be. The teal best matches Petite Salon's branding.

Interact with walkthrough of the updated system

Early Sketches and still images of some key screens.

Screen Recording 2019-06-27 at 12.39.13 PM
Play Video

Video walkthrough going through the app's transaction flow.

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