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Rapid Interface

I worked with a team on creating a more friendly and user-focused flow for an industrial printing service website. 



Prototype Creation, Research Script Writing, Strategy, Data Synthesis​, Remote Interviews



  • Competitive Audit

  • Evaluative Interviews

  • A/B Testing



  • High Fidelity Prototype

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Annotated Wireframes

  • Presentation

  • Site Flow


  • Sketch

  • Invision

  • Keynote

  • Adobe Illustrator


Organizing research into website categories

Rapid Interface is an in beta industrial printing service that creates prototypes of decals, and faceplates for keypads. You may see this printed keypads daily as the number pad on gas pumps or the flavor selection button on a cappuccino machine. 

When companies print these prototypes with other companies it traditionally takes upwards of weeks to get their prototypes with many phone calls and e-mails in between. Rapid Interface does it differently. They offer 5 prototypes in 5 days with instant proofing.


They provide a game-changing service but were struggling with making their website and user flow move smoothly to their graphic designer and engineer client base.


We strove to create an order history, design history and flow to fit the needs of Rapid Interface's users. 

image (1).png

 The Team and Rapid Interface Owner, Brad

Anyssa Hanley, (Me) Shannon Williamson, Alec Davy & Brad Flaherty 


We dove into this opportunity space by doing a competitive analysis of similar companies to learn about their offerings and processes.


Additionally, we interviewed a mix of graphic designers, industrial designers, and engineers to see how they might use a site like Rapid Interface and gain insights into possible improvements.


The user interviews gave us feedback on our first stages of prototypes, which informed revisions. We then conducted evaluative interviews to advise our final recommendations and high-fidelity prototypes.

Image from iOS (9).jpg


Research directly impacted the prototypes I created. With each interview, we compared the data against other interviews and made small changes. Major changes included the header image, navigation bar, our process imagery, website copy, getting rid of a video on the home page and what information to include on the order page.

A sampling of low fidelity wireframes.


The final prototype included a home page, products page, order history page, saved designs page and order e-mails. There are certain parts of the process that can't be shown due to a privacy agreement with Rapid Interface.

Final Prototype Walkthrough

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